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The years that reflect the company’s history :

1918Ardeleana Glass Manufacture facility, anonymous Romanian company of Diciosanmartin” is set up viewing the policy of stimulating the industry investments.

1926The laminated glass manufacturing starts in Tarnaveni. Furnace No.1 also known as “Turnata” is built.

1992“SC Omega Prodcom SA” is born on the bases of law 31/90 when Ing. Hancu Dumitru takes over the property management of the fabrication line from SC Gecsat SA. The 10 year experience as production department manager of 5 glass furnaces(3 glass bottles furnaces, one container glass furnace and the laminated glass furnace) is the tough point which helps him to exploit, develop and transform the production facility into a flourishing business.

1997 Hancu Dumitru buys the entire share package from the “mother company” and Omega Prodcom becomes a 100% private company with sole shareholder.

2002 The production activity is shifted on a new, fully automated furnace built between 2000 and 2002. The refractory materials, the machines and the operating installations are purchased to leading manufacturers as SEPR(electrofused refractory materials), Dr. Otto (silica and chamotte refractory materials, Sklarske stroje Znojmo & Sibille Glass(electric annealing lehr), Rurex Stahl(laminating machine), Dornbusch Gravuren(laminating rollers).

2005“The mixing tower” project is finally completed. Trained personnel will start preparing the mixture used as raw material in the glass production facility. Starting now, the weighting, proportions, humidification and homogenization are electronically controlled using high precision scales and weighers.

2010The production line is subject to an overhauling and the manufacturing process is resumed on November 22nd, after a few months break. The USA patented Magneco/Metrel technology is used. It’s advantages are : reduced installation time, minimal dry-out time interval, reduced downtime, superior performance, significantly reduced fuel rates, improved lifetime and increased production availability.

At the present time, the share capital is owned by Hancu Dumitru (father) and Hancu Dumitru Eugen (son) with 80% and respectively 20%.


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