SC Omega Prodcom SA:

  • Sole Romanian and neighbouring countries manufacturer of patterned and wired glass.
  • Manufactures and sells 20 types of clear or mass colored(yellow or bronze) patterned and wired glass.
  • Manufactures and sells reflexive patterned and float glass in a variety of shades and opaqueness levels(30% ~ 90%).
  • Markets float glass and mirrors.
  • Carries out inland and international transport for both the manufactured glass and other general merchandise(including ADR).

ISO certificates :


  • Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000
  • Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2004

The company’s activity takes place in 3 locations in Tarnaveni :

The mixing tower on Vadului Street
Home suppliers’s purchased raw materials are transported, unloaded and stored up in large capacity stock piles or storage bins. Here, they undergo a dry-out thermal treatment and a sieving procedure to eliminate the impurities and reach the optimum granulation.The precise dosage is made using electronic scales and weighers. After weighting, the raw materials are unloaded into a mixer where the compound is homogenized and wet to an optimum level. The mixture gets to an intermediate storage bunker by means of transporting belts and bucket-type elevators. Then, it’s loaded into utility vehicles and sent to the production facility on Armatei Street no 85

The packing wooden crates purpose-making facility on Pref. Vasile Moldovan Street no 50
The employees take the wooden components sent by our suppliers and assemble them into various sized wooden crates, according to the glass sheets sizes ordered by the customers, that need to be packed. They use damping material – Polyurethane foam with variable density function of the pressure submitted to.

The main laminated glass manufacturing facility in no 85 Armatei Street
The compound obtained at the mixing tower, together with scrap glass feed the melting basin of the furnace. The internal currents help the transition of the fused glass to the laminating machine. The glass sheet takes shape by passing through the laminating rollers. It then undergoes a thermal treatment process falling out the internal tensions and making possible the cutting at the customer’s required dimensions. The glass sheets are packed into wooden crates reinforced with cold-laminated steel ribbon. The wooden crates are either stored into the warehouse or loaded into trucks, wagons or containers that deliver the glass to our customers. The entire technological process is supervised and controlled by means of programmable automatons, inverter and command panels.


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